Welcome to the Heart-centredness of Medicine, offering life and business coaching for doctors.

I see you. I was you. Are you ready to restore balance and start thriving in your medical practice and beyond?

Welcome to the Heart-Centredness of Medicine, offering life and business coaching for doctors.

Are you ready to restore balance and start thriving in your medical practice and beyond?

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A warm welcome from The Heart-Centred Doctor.

I’m Olivia, a medical mum and heart-centered, soul-driven medical entrepreneur committed to supporting fellow healthcare professionals to lead a more balanced life so they can thrive at work and at home without the burnout.

When I was 28 and a junior medical doctor, I was hit by a car and rendered a paraplegic. That moment changed my life.

I may have lost the ability to walk, but I gained so much in the process. I learnt what it was like to be a patient on the other side of the healthcare system.

Despite having the accident that hindered me greatly, I learnt the grit, determination, and support needed to recover and retrain from a terrible spinal injury.

Despite all that, I managed to advance my career as a dual trained rehabilitation medicine and specialist pain medicine physician and even started a family.

I overcame my imposter syndrome by using mindset mastery and I stepped up as a clinical leader at work using my compassionate leadership skills.

But most importantly, I learnt that life was too short to be spent overworked and overwhelmed, and now I'm helping other doctors create the life and career of their dreams without the burnout.


I see you.

You’re the heart-centered and intuitive medical doctor not thriving at work.
You’re feeling burnt out. You’ve lost your soul purpose in life and you feel trapped and uncertain of your current situation and future.

You may be struggling to connect with your family and friends as you feel so disconnected from yourself. And that’s lonely.

But it doesn’t have to be. You are not alone. As a doctor myself, I’ve customised leadership and career advancement coaching for doctors to empower you to have the heart-centered life and career you truly deserve.

Coaching Program:

Feel overwhelmed, isolated, and invisible? In my life and business coaching program for doctors, I help you reawaken and reconnect with yourself to lead a heart-centred life without the burnout!

Corporate Consulting:

Want to build a resilient team in your organisation? I'm an accredited R@W coach, mentor and trainer. R@W is a method that fosters radical resilience in your workplace for individual and teams.

Book Me to Speak:

I’m a professional keynote speaker on preventing doctor burnout and improving the wellbeing of medical doctors through the eyes of self-compassion.


Amplify your voice.

Are you ready to speak your truth with certainty, clarity, and confidence? I provide speaker coaching to help you amplify your voice and own who you are—as a medical doctor and a human being—without apology.

What my clients have to say:

I am passionate about helping doctors find direction and build a thriving career and life without the burnout.

To help me achieve this mission, I am writing a book called “The Heart Centeredness of Medicine” and I will be launching my podcast series this year called “A Heart-Centered Life” by Dr Olivia.

My book, The Heart-Centredness of Medicine is also available for purchase now, order your copy today and help me spread the word!


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