by Team Joyful

It took a traumatic spinal cord injury in 2008 to transform my life. The experience was a radical awakening.

I was once like you, overworked and overwhelmed.

I was on the verge of burnout and in dire need of change. I felt emotionally and physically exhausted, stuck in my situation, and completely isolated and invisible in my suffering.

How did I get here?

I was told I would never walk again.

In 2008, I was walking to work when I was hit by a car travelling 60 km an hour.

The impact rendered me a paraplegic. I spent 2 years in a wheelchair and was told I’d never be able to walk again.

But I was resilient and never gave up hope. I spent 2 years in Project Walk, San Diego and I did learn to walk again with grit, determination, and the support of my husband, family, and close friends.

I’d learnt what it was like to be a patient on the other side of the healthcare system and when I returned to Melbourne, I threw myself into my new private practice in rehabilitation and pain medicine. I became a mum and continued my studies.

But the combination of living with a spinal cord injury, motherhood, full-time work, and studying for fellowship exams exhausted me. I ignored the warning signs, feeling that burnout was a sign of vulnerability and weakness. I just keep pushing through.

Until eventually, I was burned out.

I have visions of the doctor and mother I want to be.

Deep down I knew there’s got to be a way which I can build my career while growing my family, and become the leader and mother I envision myself to be without the burnout.

I was determined to find the way, and I did.

I’ve been through what you’re now going through and have developed a path to recovery that will help empower you. After working with me, you’ll walk away feeling revitalised, empowered, and visible.

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Helping medical doctors around the world to lead the heart-centred life they truly deserve without the burnout.

In 2020, I wanted to rediscover the passion in my work, restore my mental and emotional wellbeing, and reconnect with my family, my inner self, and my identity beyond the physician.

I discovered self-compassion and creative development tools. They helped me thrive at home and at work. I also learnt how I could take ownership of my thoughts to gain a whole new perspective.

Not only was I not willing to live with fatigue and overwhelm, but I knew that If I could change, so could others.

I’ve seen many of my medical colleagues burn out. Did you know more than 40% of doctors—and almost 50% of female physicians— feel burnt out*?

I realised I could help medical peers like you discover these heart-based tools for yourself so you can rediscover your self-worth and lead the heart-centered life you truly deserve. I want to help you find your spark of joy and creativity outside medicine.

So I became a life and business coach for medical doctors so that I could teach the same tools that changed my life.

We need more heart-centred doctors in medicine.

This is my driving force.

Dr Olivia Lee Ong MBBS (Melb) - BMedSci - FAFRM (RACP) - FFPMANZCA

Dr Olivia Ong, MBBS (Melb), BMedSci, FAFRM (RACP), FFPMANZCA.

Dr Olivia Ong is a Specialist Pain Medicine Physician, Mindful Self Compassion Practitioner, Thought Leader in Creative Development, Professional Speaker, Author and Educator.

Dr Ong’s global mission is to help fellow doctors who are suffering from emotional and physical burnout to uncover/discover the benefits of mindful self-compassion and creative development including intuitive techniques not just for themselves but for their patients too.

Specializing in both Rehabilitation and Pain Management, Dr. Olivia Ong has extensive training and experience in Pain Medicine, both during her rehabilitation registrar and pain fellow training, and as a specialist pain medicine physician.

Through her public and private practice, Dr Ong empowers her patients with the knowledge and medical and holistic pain management treatments to manage their chronic pain, neurological disabilities and/or rehabilitation so they can live fulfilling lives.

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I’m a professional keynote speaker on preventing doctor burnout and improving the wellbeing of medical doctors through the eyes of self-compassion.

Coaching Program:

Feel overwhelmed, isolated, and invisible? In my life and business coaching program for doctors, I help you reawaken and reconnect with yourself to lead a heart-centred life without the burnout!

Corporate Consulting:

Want to build a resilient team in your organisation? I'm an accredited R@W coach, mentor and trainer. R@W is a method that fosters radical resilience in your workplace for individual and teams.