Real talk from a world-class healthcare speaker inspiring your audience to thrive in life without the burnout.

Confident, motivational presentations from a physician who understands

Combining my incredible personal journey with my physician experience and self-compassion strategies, as a keynote speaker I deliver soul-driven presentations that inspire audiences to reconnect with the heart-centered lives they deserve

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Keynote topics from a healthcare speaker and medical leader:

  • The Heart Centeredness of Medicine (my signature talk)
  • The Unspoken Pandemic: The emotional pain frontline healthcare workers experienced during and after the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Burnout Management Through the Eyes of Self-Compassion 
  • The Importance of Self-Compassion in Medical Leadership
  • The Importance of Visibility for Medical Entrepreneurs with Creative Businesses
  • Medical Entrepreneurs with Creative Businesses: The Challenges and Triumphs 
  • Chronic Pain Syndromes and Their Treatment Options
keynote speaker Dr Olivia Lee Ong
keynote speaker Dr Olivia Lee Ong

Keynote speaker Dr Olivia is a Certified Speaker of The Big Talk Academy and a Certified World Class Speaker Coach

Meet Dr Olivia Ong

Physician. Professional Speaker. Author. Medical Leadership Coach. 

At 28, my life changed in a split second when I was hit by a car and rendered a paraplegic. I had to learn to walk again while advancing my career as a dual-trained rehabilitation medicine and specialist pain medicine physician.

As a doctor, this patient experience of pain management gave me a unique perspective that has allowed me to become a renowned leader and workshop facilitator in the world of pain care and management. 

The accident also re-awakened me. I realised I didn’t want to let life pass, feeling out of balance and exhausted. So I discovered self-compassion and creative development tools that would help me thrive at work and home. 

Now, I inspire fellow healthcare professionals to lead a more balanced life so they can restore their energy and rediscover their passion.

As seen at

I’ve delivered in-person and virtual presentations for healthcare professionals and general audiences. You may have seen me on these platforms:

Declare your space with confidence through my Speaker Coaching

Dr Olivia Lee Ong MBBS (Melb) - BMedSci - FAFRM (RACP) - FFPMANZCA

Do you want to speak with a purpose, in your own voice, and impart a memorable message?

Want to own who you are without apology and learn to speak your truth?

Are you worried about an upcoming job interview or specialty exam?

No matter where you’re at, I’m here to help you claim your space and become known as the leading expert in your field.

With fifteen years of experience giving professional presentations and speeches, I have honed the art of presenting.

I’m here to help you speak your truth with certainty and clarity.

Ready to become a confident and powerful voice? Your industry needs you.

Specialist Exam & Communication Coach

Combining my healthcare expertise with self-compassion knowledge, I help medical professionals and students :

  • Prepare for their exams 
  • Boost their confidence in their communication skills for specialist exams
  • Discover stress and anxiety reduction techniques that may otherwise impact their exam performance

Speaking Coach

With a focus on storytelling in speeches, branding, and marketing, I help entrepreneurs:

  • Overcome their fear of public speaking
  • Build their confidence as a thought leader
  • Start a podcast
  • Write a book
  • Build a brand strategy
  • Refine their speech

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