Jo-Jo The Kind Sloth

Dr Olivia Lee Ong / Joseph Lee

Goodbye busy hello happy - Dr Olivia Lee Ong

Illustrated by Oscar Fa

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Jo-Jo the Kind Sloth

“I’m my own best friend, even when I don’t do well as I’d hoped!”

Invite your child to explore self-compassion in this engaging daily practice of being your own best friend.

Make this book a regular part of the night-time routine and help the children in your life establish greater self-awareness and self-kindness.

Jo-Jo the Kind Sloth learns to be his own best friend. This book explains how self-compassion is a powerful tool for a child’s well-being, leading to self-kindness and self-acceptance and the cultivation of resilience for meeting life’s challenges.

Target audience: For children aged 3-7
First published in Australia 2022 / Heart-Centred Books

The Authors

About Dr Olivia Ong

Dr Olivia Ong is an international best-selling author of “The Soul of Success Volume. 3” co-authored with Jack Canfield, cocreator of the #1 New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul ® book series. She is also leading the area of teaching teachers and parents how to build and maintain self-compassion in children of all ages.

About Joseph Lee

Joseph Lee is an author who shares his positive message of kindness and being his own best friend.

The Illustrator

About Oscar Fa

Oscar Fa is a freelance French artist specialising in concept art and digital illustration. He has always been curious and passionate about painting and tries to fill his days with colour.

What reviewers are saying…

Important message for kids

A lovely book with an important message of self-compassion, which is explained simply but powerfully. 

Venita D

Loved this book for my kids

One of the best books 📚 around to help build emotional intelligence! It’s a must read! 

Neeta Bhushan

Simple, beautiful book helping foster compassion in children

An easy-to-read children’s book with a beautiful, kind message- speak to yourself as you would to a friend!

Dr Dimity Williams

Beautiful drawings and story with an important message

Really enjoyed Dr Olivia Ong’s creative storybook with a great message about self-compassion. Easy to understand. Relatable. And a great example that many kids (and adults!) could imagine. Beautiful slow sloth paced pages with peaceful drawings

Dr Josephine Braid

A practical and sensitive children’s book. Highly recommended!

Dr Olivia Ong and Joseph Lee have developed a simple but important children’s book about teaching self-compassion. Beautifully illustrated, with a thoughtful story, this book introduces children to the concept of self-care, kindness and sensitivity to others.

Jennifer K

It is a trail-blasting classic for children’s self-compassion journey

My daughter gave it a 10/10! The message is so important, and I’m amazed I haven’t read about this in other children’s books anywhere else! Dr Ong is a well-known self-compassion coach for adults. It is refreshing to see this concept has been brought to children’s literature/ another platform to educate our young minds about such important life skills to build resilience. Definitely, a trail-blasting classic!

Dr Angela Chia

A lovely book with an important message

A lovely book with an important and positive message for children (and parents too). Would recommend.

Anna W

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The Soul of Success V3
The Soul of Success V3

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