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Overcoming obstacles to success1 min read

by Dr Olivia Ong

Are you feeling stuck? Does it sometimes feel like you’re in a rut and not sure how to get out?

There is a really simple way of looking at all things that will help you to easily identify what sort of block it is you have to success, and most importantly what to do about them.

When you break things down there are two kinds of obstacles that prevent success, and these are external and internal.

External obstacles to success

External obstacles are obstacles that do not come from within. They are simply facts.

For example not having enough money for that thing for your next project.

There is almost ALWAYS a way around, over or under external obstacles!

Internal obstacles to success

Internal obstacles usually involve emotions. Fear, anger, impatience, insecurities and inner conflicts, any of which can sabotage your efforts to move ahead

Inner resources

Overcoming inner obstacles is the name of the game, and you need inner resources to do it.

Without the right inner resources:

  • You may lack the creativity to find solutions.
  • You may lack the drive needed to get things done.
  • You may lack the patience to get there.
  • You may fear success or failure.
  • You may talk yourself out of every good decision.

Overcoming your obstacles

Identify and overcome these obstacles.

  1. Write down your goal.
  2. Ask yourself, “What stops me from achieving this goal?
  3. List the external obstacles first. Then list the internal obstacles.
  4. Create a plan for overcoming the external obstacles, while resolving the internal obstacles.

The interesting thing to note is that the vast majority of external obstacles are actually internal obstacles in disguise!

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