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What is ‘Pick my Brain’?

Want to chat to me about…

  • Learning to deliver presentations with purpose?
  • Learning to build communication that connects?
  • Learning to build messaging that is clear, understandable and relevant?
  • The book idea you’re developing or the publishing industry?
  • A burning question about a mindset block that you just can’t seem to overcome?
  • How to shift from burnt out to energised in your business?
  • Facing a big life decision that you don’t know how to navigate?
  • Needing to strengthen your boundaries or replace your self-sabotaging habits with self-supporting actions?

These “Pick My Brain” sessions are about you and for you. They give you the chance to work with me one-on-one in a laser-focused mentoring format on an issue you’re currently facing and unpack solutions and tactics you can begin implementing immediately.

Pick My Brain sessions are one hour long and conducted on Zoom. All sessions are conducted within business hours (Australian Eastern Standard Time – Melbourne time).


Dr Olivia Lee Ong MBBS (Melb) - BMedSci - FAFRM (RACP) - FFPMANZCA

These sessions are for anyone who wants to pick my brain about the following topics:

  • Heart-Centred Speaking: Choose Heart-Centred Speaking if you’re a leader or executive who needs to move people to action from the stage, on social media, via recorded video, or in meetings and conference calls.
  • Heart-Centred Communication: Choose Heart-Centred Communication if you’re in a sales team, customer service department, and HR, and need to make others feel understood while getting your point across quickly.
  • Heart-Centred Messaging: Choose Heart-Centred Messaging if you’re a solopreneur, small business owner, and marketer who need to convey the core message of a product or service in the written word.
  • Heart-Centred Business Mentoring: Choose Heart-Centred Business Mentoring if you’re an entrepreneur (or want to be one) and are struggling with a business mindset.
  • Life Alignment & Direction: Choose Life Alignment & Direction if you’re considering what your next life or work chapter might look like.
  • Book Writing & Publishing: Choose Book Writing & Publishing.
  • Mindset Blocks: Choose Mindset Blocks if boundaries, self-sabotage, habits, or goal achievement are holding you back.

Not sure if a Pick-My-Brain session is for you and your topic? Contact my team here (hello@drolivialeeong.com) for guidance.


How to book

There can often be up to month’s wait for these sessions, so please be prepared for this. Click the ‘Book Now’ button for your chosen topic. Make payment for your session, select a date and time and we will be in touch with all the details you need to know, including a questionnaire for you to fill out prior to the session.


Heart-Centred Speaking

Heart-Centred Communication

Heart-Centred Messaging

Book writing and publishing

Life direction and alignment

Heart-Centred business mentoring 

Mindset blocks


PLEASE NOTE: A Pick-My-Brain session is NOT a medical consultation, and it is NOT psychological therapy. If you are experiencing psychological distress, I commend you for seeking help. Please see your doctor and/or mental health professional for assistance. If you book a session and Dr. Olivia determines that the issue is better addressed with psychological treatment from your questionnaire, your session will be refunded and cancelled so that you’re able to seek the most appropriate assistance for you.

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