Reset Mastermind – 12 month Mindset and Thought Leadership Business Program

What is a business and mindset coach?

As a certified Mindvalley business coach-consultant, I’m here to support you to create systems, strategies, and structure in your business so that you can grow and be profitable. I’m not here to give you all the answers, I’m here to support you to find and explore different possibilities and what is right for you.

There are key elements that every business needs to be successful & sustainable but saying that every business can embrace and use those elements in a way that works for them. We’ll focus on your goals, and you achieve those goals in a powerful way.

Where does the mindset work come in?

Well to be honest it comes in just about everywhere. You may have beliefs that right now are stopping you from showing up in a way that you really want. It may have you questioning your decisions and second-guessing yourself.

When we’re looking to make changes in our lives and businesses old patterns and habits can keep us stuck. Using science-based behavioural change, NLP and Neuro Rewiring techniques during our coaching sessions can support you to grow personally and in turn grow your business.

If you’ve ever thought – “I really want to do this” but then your actions aren’t following through with what you truly want to do, then that’s your mindset (beliefs & thoughts) holding you back. If you want to start moving through those so that you can experience real change then this is the work that needs to be done alongside the business and strategy coaching.

Dr Olivia Lee Ong and Gabby Bernstein

Dr Olivia Lee Ong and Gabby Bernstein

Together they’re a powerful combination

I’m also an internationally certified Mindset and Results coach. The tools that I am trained and qualified to used include NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming), Brain Science, Neural Energetic Wiring and Neural Energetic Coding.

If during our coaching I think that one of these tools could support you in achieving your goals and shift through things then I will explain it to you and get your permission to use the relevant tool. These can be incredibly powerful strategies to use alongside the tactical strategies of building your business.

Richard Branson and Dr. Olivia Lee Ong

Recently I had the great pleasure of meeting Sir Richard Branson at an event in Melbourne.

Sir Richard Branson is arguably one of our generation’s most prolific entrepreneurs. He founded the Virgin brand in 1970 and has gone on to revolutionise industries as diverse as travel, telecommunications, health, banking, music and leisure. His reach spans more than 40 Virgin companies worldwide in over 35 countries.

The experience was unforgettable, and his wisdom and insights will stay with me, and be woven into the fabric of the work I do for my coaching and other clients. 

Many thanks go out to Business Chicks for arranging this special event.

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12-Month Mindset & Thought Leadership Business Mastermind

In this 12-month Mindset & Thought Leadership Business Mastermind, you will receive high-level support to achieve consistent $10k-$20k months in your thought leadership business.


12-month coaching is $9997 USD / $15,000 AUD or $1,500 AUD plus GST per month.

All prices are in both USD and AUD. The prices in Australian dollars are PLUS GST. 

You can pay in full or access the payment plans. Payment plans incur an additional 20% for admin and fees. This is an investment I want you to be excited about because you know that you will commit and be all in on the work we do together to hit your goals.

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