Are you ready to leave behind the anxiety, overwhelm, and frustration and breathe more easily again?

My C.I.A formula (Compassion, Intuition, and Attitude) will help you discover your thought patterns and emotions and recover energy, sanity, and balance in your life.


I provide compassionate and resilience leadership for specialist doctors like you to help you

✔ Reclaim the love and passion for what you do and thrive in your current healthcare role
✔ Thrive in relationships at work and home
✔ Lead a balanced and inspired life without the burnout
✔ Get the position that you want in your career advancement
✔ Transform so that you can show up confidently
✔ Conquer your imposter syndrome and overcome self-doubt faster
✔ Set up a new business or side hustle that fits in with your lifestyle
✔ Reclaim hours of lost time with my strategies and tools
✔ Utilise high performance tools to increase your productivity

Are you showing the signs of doctor burnout?

You’re at the point of exhaustion. You feel overworked and stressed about the highly demanding nature of your work.

In a workplace that considers self-compassion a weakness and values perfectionism, you feel invisible, isolated, and unsupported.

How do I know this? Because I’ve been there too.

The lack of support makes you feel dissatisfied, frustrated, jaded, and maybe even angry. You’ve lost heart in your work and are simply working on autopilot.

This is starting to impact your life beyond work. You’re losing your sense of self, putting your identity as ‘doctor’ above all else, and feeling disconnected from yourself and your passion in the process.

You might have become so emotionally and physically depleted, you’re not even sure you want to continue on this career path. You yearn for creativity and self-discovery but no matter what you do, you can’t seem to make the shift you want or need.

Are you ready to ditch the stress, overwhelm, and anxiety to have clarity, confidence, and certainty in your life?

Repeat after me:

I will be supported, valued, and recognised for my true self-worth.

I will be more relaxed, more empowered, and even able to breathe more easily.

I will be more confident and ready to start fresh—in a way that feels right to me.

I am ready to be seen and to share my truth.

I WILL make a big impact in the lives of others.

And with my self-compassion and creative development tools, you WILL.


Reset VIP:

Medical Leadership 1-on-1 Mentoring and Coaching Program for Specialist Doctors

The 12-month 1:1 Professional Mentorship and Coaching Program (10 sessions in total) will help you get clarity, certainty, and the confidence to live the heart-centred life you truly deserve. It will help you drive your career and shape your life according to your purpose and vision without the burnout.

Become the CEO of your life. Learn my C.I.A formula (compassion, intuition and attitude) to discover self-love and self-kindness, as well as intuitive listening.

Are you ready to conquer the imposter syndrome?

Are you ready to be 100% confident to own who you are without apology and speak up when you need to?

Are you ready to build the life and career you’ve been dreaming about, and become the doctor and person you envision yourself to be?

Book a FREE 20-minute Joyful Transformation call with me and let’s talk!

I’m Dr. Olivia Ong

Dr Olivia Lee Ong MBBS (Melb) - BMedSci - FAFRM (RACP) - FFPMANZCA

I am a physician and mentor, and I am here to support you. I have the exact method that will allow you to transform your mind and body from the inside out.

You will learn my method that is helping medical doctors transform their minds and bodies so that they can live their best life, personally and professionally without the burnout.

As a Medical Mentor along with my background in medicine, I help heart centred and intuitive medical doctors utilise mindset and high performance tools as well as intuitive and heart based tools so that they can thrive in their life, careers, leadership roles, business and relationships.

A member of the Physician Coaching Alliance


Building a successful medical career and living a thriving life without overbearing stress is possible!

You CAN develop your career and life in a more confident and heart-centred way without burnout! Come and book a complimentary 20-minute Joyful Transformation Call with me and let’s talk!

Investment $6,500 USD / $8,500 AUD + GST 

(payment plans available upon request)


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