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Goodbye busy hello happy - Dr Olivia Lee Ong

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Is there a calling within you to step into your power?

This book provides you with the inspiration, motivation and practical advice to show up as a leader and take your place in the world.

So often ambitious women are held back from greater success because of limiting beliefs, fear and self-doubt.

Our dream is to shine the light on the path for these women. To inspire more women to overcome their doubts and truly step into their power as leaders by providing real-life role models and the inspiration and motivation to find their inner strength and take their place in the world as heart-centred leaders.


Dr Olivia Lee Ong and Gabby Bernstein

Dr Olivia Ong is known as The Heart-Centred Doctor. She is an established pain physician working in private and public practice in Australia.

As a result of an accident that left her paralysed from the waist down, Dr Olivia found out exactly what it’s like to be on the other side of the healthcare system. She spent years as a patient in hospitals and rehab facilities in Australia and the US in an attempt to regain some of the capabilities that had been torn away from her. Little did she know – she was going to get a whole lot more than she’d bargained for.

Among other things, coming out the other side of the dark place she was in, inspired Dr Olivia to start a business to address the unspoken toll that doctors bear when they don’t find the support they need to stay well.

As a medical leadership coach and mentor, Dr Olivia helps busy, high-achieving doctors avoid burnout and exhaustion and achieve a balanced life through her Life Transformation for Doctors Program.

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The Soul of Success V3

RRP $29.99 + postage $10.00

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