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Workshops for doctors and healthcare professionals. Workshops and masterclasses to accelerate your results.

Serving the Medical Commumity

I specialise in coaching and run workshops for doctors and medical professionals to help people create the life and career of their dreams without the burnout.

Read on for a summary of the events I run which will give you the tools you need to beat burnout, find balance, achieve your dreams through marketing yourself and your ideas and thrive.

Coaching for doctors

Reset your Mindset Experience Masterclass

A FREE 2 1/2 hour masterclass.

👉 Design your DREAM LIFE
👉 Unlock your TRUE potential
👉 REMOVE any fear, doubt, or negativity
👉 Reignite your PASSION for life

Coaching for doctors

Reset your Mindset 
2-Day Workshop

A transformative experience for clinician entrepreneurs and business leaders.

🧪 The Science Of Transforming Your Life
🧍 4 Things All Successful People Master
👐 How To Release Your Limitations
😊 Turn Self-Doubt Into Self-Confidence
🔑 How To Create Habits For Success
🔥 Reignite Your Passion

Dr Olivia Lee Ong

I’m Olivia, a medical mum and heart-centered, soul-driven medical entrepreneur and author of inspirational books committed delivering coaching in healthcare, supporting fellow healthcare professionals to lead a more balanced life so they can thrive at work and at home without the burnout.

When I was 28 and a junior medical doctor, I was hit by a car and rendered a paraplegic. That moment changed my life.

I may have lost the ability to walk, but I gained so much in the process. I learnt what it was like to be a patient on the other side of the healthcare system.

Despite having the accident that hindered me greatly, I learnt the grit, determination, and support needed to recover and retrain from a terrible spinal injury.

Despite all that, I managed to advance my career as a dual trained rehabilitation medicine and specialist pain medicine physician and even started a family.

I overcame my imposter syndrome by using mindset mastery and I stepped up as a clinical leader at work using my compassionate leadership skills.

But most importantly, I learnt that life was too short to be spent overworked and overwhelmed, and now specialise in coaching in healthcare and helping other doctors create the life and career of their dreams without the burnout.

The Heart-Centred Method Institute Pty Ltd (ACN 655 908 179) offers coaching, mentoring and corporate consulting services to professionals. The Heart-Centred Method Institute Pty Ltd (ACN 655 908 179) does not provide healthcare services to the public or provide medical or healthcare consultation to any individual. Should you require healthcare or medical services, please contact your healthcare provider or emergency services.

 We look forward to assisting you with your professional goals

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